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Holiday homes


In beautiful Istria, Croatia

We rent out our holiday houses

In Istria, Croatia, at about 20 km from the coast we rent our two private holiday houses. Balini has its own large outside swimming pool. Casa Acqua Dolce even has its own spa (or wellness)  with pool (with jet-stream), Jacuzzi (whirlpool) and sauna. Both houses offer and breathtaking views. Free wifi is available.

Istria is much more then just a beautiful coast with clear water. Istria is like a little Italy on only 50 by 70 km, with its mediterranean climate, vineyards on soft slopes, old sleepy cities with a history going back to Roman times, and offering an honest kitchen.

It is worth discovering!

... a traditional stone house with swimming pool

  • istra-panorama_house-balini-001a.jpg

    Balini - Total peace, idyllic surroundings

  • istra-panorama_house-balini-001.jpg

    Balini: peace, space and privacy

  • istra-panorama_house-balini-002.jpg

    Beautiful pool, large BBQ

  • istrapanorama_house-balini-005.jpg

    The downstairs apartment

  • istrapanorama_house-balini-006.jpg

    The upstairs apartment

  • istrapanorama_house-balini-007.jpg

    The blue bedroom

Our holiday home Balini is a typical Istrian stone house measuring 180 m2 with outside pool (4 x 8 m).
It offers all comforts for a group of 6 up to 10 people.
The house has a breathtaking view.

... a luxury house with its own spa

  • istra-panorama_casa-acqua-dolce-002.jpg

    Luxury and stunning views

  • istra-panorama_casa-acqua-dolce-004.jpg

    Fully equipped

  • istra-panorama_casa-acqua-dolce-001.jpg

    Ultimate relaxing

  • istra-panorama_casa-acqua-dolce-005.jpg


  • istra-panorama_casa-acqua-dolce-006.jpg

    Bedroom "Aqua"

  • istra-panorama_casa-acqua-dolce-007.jpg

    Bathroom "Acqua"

This very comfortable five star holiday home of 250 m2 has its own private spa, an indoor pool with jetstream, Jacuzzi, sauna and a relaxation room with electric massage mattress. The house accomodates 1 to 8 people in all comfort.