Your private wellness in Oprtalj near Motovun, in Istria, Croatia

In our house in Oprtalj, ►Casa Acqua Dolce we dispose of a fully equipped wellness or spa. When entering you will be overwhelmed with a feeling of luxury. The used stone materials combined with the blue colour of water and lighting give an overall warm and balanced impression. The interior design makes the wellness very spacious.
The equipment available will satisfy even the most demanding guests. We have a pool with water stream jet, a sauna, cold water bath, a Jacuzzi, a massage mattress, showers with warm walls, a foot bath with warm wall, and a spacious relax area. And this all just for you!!!

In general we will advise our guests to take a refreshing shower first, to get rid of the daily dust. Then it is time to go to the sauna and feel all the stress leaving you. In the sauna just lay back and release all those unwanted toxins and tensions, ... a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and well-being. Give your body a workout whilst you relax.

Once you have the feeling you have had enough heat, you may jump into the cold water bath or take a cold shower, using the Kneip method (slowly cooling your body, starting with your legs and arms and from there approaching the body parts closer to the hart). Then we suggest you to enjoy our pool. With a water temperature of 28°C, this is certainly a relaxed experience. You may want to experiment with the water stream jet. This tool allows you to swim indefinite distances for the more active people among you. For those who prefer to relax, you can also use it for a water massage.

Then it is time for a first break in one of our relaxation areas. We have foreseen a separate area with relax seats and a room where you can enjoy a drink. Alternatively you can dream away on our electric massage mattress. And everywhere you will hear divine music that will carry you away to a paradise... or are you not already there?

Now that you have finalised one complete wellness cycle, we suggest that you try out our Jacuzzi. Please take a shower first. The Jacuzzi is equipped with water stream jets, air outlets and aromatherapy. In the Jacuzzi you just sit back and let the hydrotherapy spa rejuvenate and invigorate your whole body. Let the jets of combined water and air relieve and sooth aches and pains. After the Jacuzzi you may want to use the pool again, after which you can take a foot-bath, while cuddling your back against the warm wall.
After that, it is time again to return to the relax areas.

And after that? You may want to enjoy one or more wellness cycles or just enjoy the pool. And when it is all over, there will be a general feeling of well-being that remains.


We have a completely equipped wellness or spa in our house Casa Acqua Dolce in Oprtalj. If you rent the whole house in Oprtalj, you will have the wellness to yourself during most of the day. We will only close the wellness for a few hours for cleaning or allowing guests from Balini. For those staying in Balini, on request you may use the wellness in Oprtalj for a maximum of two hours per day. Of course we will ask you an extra fee for the use of the wellness. Please ►Contact us or phone +32/16-404 706 for more information.
Your private massage: On request we can organize a private massage by a specialist. We do need to know this some days in advance, so as to be able to make the necessary arrangements. Please phone us on advance.

Istarske Toplice, a thermal resort known world wide

The Istrian thermal resort Istarske Toplice near Motovun is less than 10 km away from both Balini and Oprtalj. This spa uses the mineral spring Sveti Stjepan situated at the foot of a famous 85 meters high rock formation. This spring is well known for its hot water full of minerals (13 sorts), having a high content of sulphur. Scientific studies confirm that it helps the treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases, dermatological diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases, gynaecological diseases and post-operative rehabilitation.

The water of this Istrian thermal resort is sulphurous, thermal, with natural radiation and important contents of sodium, calcium, chlorine and other minerals. The temperature of the water is 32-34°C. The content of sulphur is 33-38 mg H2S/kg and radioactivity is 623 Bg/L. These water characteristics appear to be relatively constant, with only minor variations depending on the rainfall.

Sulphur and natural radioactivity in the water have a beneficial effect to inflammation, reduce pain and improve circulation and metabolism. Because of its strong therapeutic properties it is recommended to take one daily bath of no more than half an hour.

Curative mud of 40°C is applied directly to the skin and then washed out using a strong jet of mineral water. Total time required for such a peloid therapy is about 40 minutes. Other facilities available are massage, beauty treatments and other physical therapies.

Its extraordinary therapeutic properties distinguish the Istrian thermal resort from other thermal springs. In result it is rewarded a third position on the European ranking list for thermal resorts. For more information, please go to Istarske Toplice