The region

Spend your holiday in the green Mediterranean Istria of Croatia. You won't regret it! Istria is a heart shaped peninsula in the North of the Adriatic Sea, blessed with an enormous diversity in climate, landscape, flora, fauna, but also history and culture. Istria is Italy on 50 by 70 km: a beautiful coast, clear water, a Mediterranean climate, vineyards on soft slopes, old sleepy cities with a rich history and an honest kitchen.

A Mediterranean peninsula unique in its diversity

The climate here is a as unique as its flora. Everywhere you look, the Mediterranean melts with the mainland. Northern woods of oaks and beaches cast their shades, cultivating the underground treasure - truffle. Towards west and south, they slowly give way to fragrant pines and the Mediterranean macchia (dense evergreen shrubs). Hard-working peasants further enhanced it with thousand-year-old olive trees and wine grapes.

But Istria is more than a natural treasure. It also offers a breathtaking history from stirring ancient times. Everywhere one recognizes the mixture of Latin, Slavic and Germanic culture. Scattered along the coast and hillocks you will find Istrian towns, Roman municipalities that became rich Venetian ports at the coast and medieval hilltop towns in the hinterland, some preserved, others ravaged by time. If you want to experience Istria in all its diversity, start from Porec, Rovinj or Pula, then go to Svetvincenat and Dvigrad, and finally to Motovun or Oprtalj. Enjoy watching this short video on Croatia.

In short, Istria offers everything you need to spend your holidays.